Professional Wedding Photography and HD Video

You where there, but are you really present?

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You’ve spent the best part of your budget making sure you have hired a good photographer to
capture every detail of your wedding day, you’ve gone through your guest list just over a million
times to make sure you have not left out any of the very important people in your life. The day
arrives and you lovingly gaze into your partner’s eyes as the minister performs the ceremony. You
turn to share a smile with the sea of familiar faces but instead you’re greeted by the LCD screens
of their Smart Phones and point&shoot cameras! The utter and complete joy you’ve felt just a moment ago has taken
a serious knock and you wonder why you’ve spent all that money on a professional photographer
when each of your guests have come with their own devices. You refuse to let disappointment cloud
your beautifully made-up face and turn back to smile at the love of your life. Only to discover with
horror while on honeymoon, as you’re checking in via facebook of cause – uploaded right there on
your timeline by one of your dearly beloved guests, the most hideously blurry, totally unclear photo
of you and your new husband…

As a wedding guest one need to understand what your presence there truly means to the wedding
couple. What with weddings being such a pricy affair these days, We can assure you that nothing
makes a wedding couple happier than to share these every last one of these special moments with you. So
instead of wasting time checking your phone or your memory cards for available space, take that
time to be completely present and let the photographers (the ones hired by the couple) take care of
the pictures and making the wedding couple and you look absolutely fabulous!

Here’s a few examples of guests we captured at previous weddings…