The ultimate viewing experience in High Definition on Blu-Ray Disc®, multi-media consoles and for your latest smart phone. SD Video available on DVD.


Why HD Video for your wedding?
Well, the answer is quite simple – You know you looked stunning on your wedding day and you want to see yourself on hubby’s newly purchased 60” 3D LED flat screen HDTV with superb colours and awesome audio clarity – just saying.
Doesn’t matter what your reason is, (or size of your TV) HDTV’s are the new standard and so is HD Video – available on Blu-ray Disc.
We take pride in what we do and a quality product is right on the top of our list. Our DVD’s are downscaled from the HD edited files and also have more detail and richer colours than the standard conventional wedding DVD’s we so often see our competitors produce – shot with the standard DV or HDV cameras. (Ever heard the phrase “You get what you pay for”?) We’ll that does not apply to us really, we’ve reviewed our pricing structure and we now offer very affordable packages whilst still maintaining the highest standards.
Our Wedding Video productions are of exceptional quality. A Photofuzion Wedding production captures the emotional and personal moments of your special day without sacrificing on quality.
We create broadcast quality wedding videos available on Bluray and DVD’s at unbeatable prices.
We cover the Bridal preparation, full ceremony, reception, your photoshoot and everything in between.
Lots of fun and laughter is included in our packages at no extra cost. We believe in the institution of Marriage and we share in your day.
“Live the moment, We’ll capture it forever!”

In detail
At Photofuzion, quality always comes first, and nowhere is this attention to detail more evident than in our final color corrected and color graded videos.

Quite simply, we alter and enhance the standard color of a video image through a digital process.
We can improve a single scene or create a signature look for an entire sequence in high quality.
Color correction is the ultimate finishing tool to create that unique look for your wedding video.

The final video and chapters are blended with beautiful motion menus, scene selections and bonus features and can be customized to match your wedding theme colour.
Each Bluray/DVD case and disc have uniquely designed covers to match your custom designed motion menu.
Your final Bluray and DVD masters are backed up in our archives for up to 2 years.
See our Video summaries here and HD Menu samples here.

Read more about Blu-ray Disc ® Technology, the format we use for the final product and the compact, yet brilliant 5D MKii camera we use to shoot these HD Videos.


"Live the Moment, We'll capture it Forever!!